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Integrate concepts of feng shui, crystals and aromatherapy to harmonize your home & office space.

Feng shui translates to “wind water” and helps to balance the 5 elements (earth, metal, wood, fire and water) through the art of placement. By adding crystals and essential oils, amplify your intentions with sacred decorating to help manifest your goals and keep you present. This e-book is proven to help you find order in your surroundings, balance in your life, harmony in your relationships, and flow of abundance and prosperity. 

Diffuse with Intent

Essential oils capture the true essence, or life force, of the aromatic plant which it turn help us to focus, cleanse and support the body, mind and spirit.

Surrounded by Beauty

Crystals are rich in minerals and metals captured in time that have an impact on our electro-magnetic fields in a subtly supportive way. 

Learn more about...

Balance of Opposites


Get in touch with yin qualities of the feminine, soft, dark, cool, inactive, calm, reflective to engage your parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system. 


On the other hand, there are yang properties. The more masculine, hard, bright, hot, active, lively, outward characteristics. 

Just Right

Find your balance! Too much yin energy, get to an exercise class. Way too stressed from deadlines? Maybe you need a nap.

5 Elements

Power of Nature

Gain insight into Fire, Metal, Water, Wood, Earth elements and learn their natural strengths. 

Find Your Rhythm

Provide a sense of safety, security and peace of mind by recognizing the natural ebb and flow patterns.

Design Your Life

Understand how energy moves around you and harness this energy with sacred decorating.

Harmonize Relationships

Foster healthy relationships with yourself and others while shining light on what matters. 

New Opportunities 

Improve your motivation, health and resiliency to make new opportunities then prosperity will soon follow.

All About Balance Synergy

Provide a state of equilibrium for body, mind and spirit. Specifically uplift the mind, boost self-confidence and intuition, provide extra support during times of tension and transition. Blended with the help of a feng shui practitioner to better incorporate the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine and balancing the five elements: water, earth, fire, metal and wood. 

What you will get...

a powerful little e-book

Download your e-book packed full of mighty details to find your balance and harmony. Describes the main principles of Feng Shui while incorporating 18 essential oils and 12 gemstones that will benefit you greatly. 

your own bagua map

Receive your own holistic bag map to help you find order and flow in your personal and professional spaces forever. A great reference to laminate then you will be able to draw your floor plan directly on the map. 

a clear understanding of the basics

Get comfortable with the basic princeples on finding your order, balance, harmony and flow that you can easily apply to you life today! You don't need anything else to buy, unless you are eyeing that beautiful gem. 

set your intentions

Prioritize what matters to you. Feng shui meets you where you are to help you live the fullest, most balanced life possible. Your life is yours, fill it with people, experiences, and beauty that are meaningful to you. 

peace of mind

After you complete these exercises and transform your space, it will truly help you to find security, peace of mind and your balance. Grace and ease will flow through you and around you every day. 

How this e-book came about.....

This little e-book contains many of the holistic remedies I have incorporated into my life to get through college as a single mom, build one business into two, and balance everything I have grown into. Concepts I have learned along the way that add little sparkle, beauty and order.  Life is not always easy or pretty. 

This is why this energy work matters, it helps you to stay motivated and keep showing up. It helps us to realize we need balance with hard work and down time. Do something nice for yourself today, get this e-book and read it!

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