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Since 2011 I have been growing my biz and evolving my biz plan with the Right Brain Business Plan and author Jennifer Lee. In fact I have grown one sole proprietor biz into two different LLCs. My entrepreneurial journey has not always been easy or pretty but I appreciate every lesson and growing pain I have encountered along the way. Tremendous growth and progress has been made on my terms with people I admire and respect.

Have you been dreaming of your big vision? Do you feel overwhelmed on where to begin? Not sure how to grow a team? Learn from our misteps and struggles to stream-line your results. One thing I have learned is that bigger visions need more people working together to reach greatest potential. 

Right Brain Business Plan Creating Your Big Vision, Licensed Facilitator, RBBP, Holistic Rebel

Interested in Creating your Big Vision?

FREE Video Series on Wednesdays April 11th & 18th

You have big creative dreams, right? Maybe you dream of growing your art business, or leading creative workshops, or launching a new product? Whatever it is that your heart desires. Imagine if you were able to make your dream come true this year! The first step is connecting with your Big Vision. 

During these two interactive sessions on creating your Big Vision, you’ll learn tried and true right-brain approaches for clarifying your goals and taking action. Plus you’ll get real-life tips from me and our RBBP facilitators who have made their Big Visions real.

In this FREE, CONTENT-RICH and engaging series you will 

  • Understand why you need your Big Vision to create the success you want
  • Learn 3 key guiding principles to help you connect with and clarify your Big Vision
  • Be inspired and empowered by our live panel of Right-Brain Business Plan facilitators who will share how their Big Visions helped them accomplish some incredible goals and how they can help you do so, too 
  • Get practical perspectives and tips for making your Big Vision real
  • Start articulating your Big Vision to help guide your business actions and decisions through the rest of this year
  • Get answers to your questions with laser  focused coaching from Jennifer Lee and fabulous licensed facilitators
  • and more!

Join us on April 11 at 1pm (eastern)/10am (pacific) & April 18 at 3pm (eastern)/noon (pacific). 

About Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee, CPCC, PCC, MA, is the founder of Artizen Coaching® and the author of Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way and the bestseller The Right-Brain Business Plan, which has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world launch their creative businesses.

Empower Your Senses Aroma Kit

Empowering your Senses for Creative Transformation

Empower Your Senses Aroma Kit 8 mini roll-on blends diluted in 100% jojoba oil

Aroma Mini Roll-On Kit

8 (1 ml) glass roll-ons. Hand-crafted essential oil blends, formulated during my RBBP journey. Diluted in 100% pure jojoba oil. Aromas include: citrus sunshine, smudge it, go with the flow, sweet expression, prosper-it-qi, all about balance, and inMotion. 

Tap into Your Inner Sanctuaries

Set Your Intentions

Transform the Messy Mundane

Abundance in Wealth & Health

Enjoy our Spring Sale & Bonus Gift

Save $18! Check out your FREE bonus gift --- a cute cotton wristlet. All yours to help and support along the journey to your big vision. We are very excited for you!  

Interested about my Right Brain creative journey?

Nourish | Balance | Transform | Enlighten

Hand-crafted botanical skin and body care to enlighten, nourish, protect and refresh the body, mind and spirit. Synergistic blends from the finest, organic, wild-crafted herbs, essential oils, carrier oils and other bases, clays and minerals to support healthy skin. Our botanical treats and spa accessories transform the mundane of everyday into a sacred skin therapy ritual. 

Botanical Treats

Balms | Butters | Salves

Nourish, Protect, Soothe & Repair.

Great source of antioxidants, vitamins & EFAs to heal & support tissue. Skin therapy at its finest!

Creams | Gels | Lotions

Hydrate, Enlighten, Moisturize & Soften.

Emulsion of rich oils & water to create a creamy mix on the skin which is easily absorbed. 

Polishes | Salts | Scrubs

Detox, Exfoliate, Refresh & Stimulate.

Rich source of minerals: Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium & more. Allow the skin to GLOW!

Oils | Roll-Ons | Serums

Fortify, Instant, Strengthen & Support. 

Use for perfume, skincare or therapeutic action. Apply with massage for increased results.


Freshen, Hydrate, Protect & Purify.

Contain water, enzymes & essential oils. May include hydrosols, tinctures & flower essences. 


Boost, Enhance, Express & Transform

Aromatic blend developed for  specific therapeutic actions. Combined amplified effect. 

Spa Accessories


Beeswax & other natural waxes are the backbone for our aromatic candles. From home decor (coming soon) to therapeutic use (ear candles). 


Community Immunity at its finest! Diffusing high quality essential oils to cleanse & purify. Set your intentions & your mood.

Dry Brushes

Gently swipe towards the heart. Increases circulation of blood & lymph. Helps to detoxify, exfoliate & stimulate for healthy skin & body. 


Therapeutic use of salt - sodium chloride -  to help detox, exfoliate, purify, stimulate the skin & body. Salt lamps, foot tiles & inhalers. 

Herban Essentials

Aromatic towelettes that help you stay so fresh & so clean. Protect & disinfect. Great for your outdoor adventures!

Mason Jar Tap

Tap into your favorite mason jar! Easy to pour your herbal infusions & spirits. Great for using in the kitchen, bar & botanical lab. 

About Us

Our Company

Holistic Rebel, llc was started in 2014 to stand up for sensitive skin and the truest of botanical skincare. The more research that we did the more we realized big brands do not have symbiotic messages between their marketing and ingredients.  Our goal is to educate our customers to feel confidant in their purchasing power while reducing potential harmful ingredients. Our focus is botanical skincare!

We strive to offer aromatic & herbal products that are natural, organic & earth based. In fact our private line of botanical products are truly inspired by the natural elements.  We also retail other products we love made from other wholesome brands. 

About the Owner

​​As a student of massage therapy, eczema covering your hands is your worst nightmare! After talking with dermatologists and applying steroid based creams with no relief, she had to find a way to soothe her inflamed hands, if not her career would not have started. Detective work led to see that the ingredients in massage oils and creams along with everyday skincare and cosmetic products had very hazardous consequences for her skin and immune system.

Sarah has been a LMT since 2002, specializing in therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, reiki, LaStone, hydrotherapy, spa therapy, halotherapy and skin therapy. When formulating botanical products, the highest intentions are set to achieve balance in the creative, artisanal right brain along with the scientific research nerd of the left brain.  

Botanical Apothecary

Here at Holistic Rebel, llc we create aromatic, botanical skincare that truly nourish and support the mind, body and spirit with the most authentic plant and mineral based ingredients. We aim to use organic, cold-pressed, unrefined, wild-crafted, fair trade, cruelty free and non-GMO ingredients for the most therapeutic outcome. Our botanical skincare products are blended together in a sacred space that has feng shui'd by a certified practitioner to ensure that the botanical lab is operating at its highest potential.

At the foundation of all traditional healing and spiritual practices, such as Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Hippocrates the founder of modern medicine, Shamanism, Shintoism, Buddhism, Hinduism and so many more, believe that true health and well-being is derived by living in harmony with ourselves, our neighbors and mother nature. Holistic Rebel, llc strives to create products and relationships that honor these sacred traditions. 


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