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If you plan to attend, please be kind and rsvp. Each person will receive a Right Brain Business Plan mini kit and I hope to be prepared for everyone. Plus space is limited. Email to reserve your seat. 

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Art supplies (pens, colored pencils, markers, stickers, post it notes, highlighters) will be provided, but if you have your favorites bring your own utensil kit. 

My Right Brain Business Journey

Dream | Create | Empower | Transform

Since 2011 I have been growing my biz and evolving my biz plan with the Right Brain Business Plan and author Jennifer Lee. In fact I have grown one sole proprietor biz into two different LLCs. My entrepreneurial journey has not always been easy or pretty but I appreciate every lesson and growing pain I have encountered along the way. Tremendous growth and progress has been made (I know because I now have 5 RBBPs I have grown out of) on my terms with people I admire and respect.

Brainstorm | Connect | Share | Celebrate

Have you been dreaming of your big vision? Do you feel overwhelmed on where to begin? Not sure how to grow a team? Learn from our misteps and struggles to stream-line your results. One thing I have learned is that bigger visions need more people working together to reach greatest potential. Round out our weaknesses, develop our strenghts, and celebrate our successes. 

Budding Business Owners & Seasoned Entrepreneurs

Need Clarity on Your Big Vision?

You don't have a business plan and you know you need one, but doing the dishes, dealing with loads of laundry, or even getting a head start on next year's taxes all sound way more appealing (ugh!).

Tried the "Traditional" Way?

As business owners, we have the best of intentions to sit at the computer and write up our plan. Instead we get stuck, overwhelmed, demotivated or even paralyzed with where to start. 

Have an Out Dated Biz Plan?

You already have a business plan but it's just not relevant any longer or let's just say it's boring. Breathe new life into your BIG vision! 

Numbers Numb you Out?

I get it! Honestly. Knowing your numbers can be brain and body numbing. It's scary to know exactly where you stand with your funds and setting a budget. 

Can't stand spreadsheets?

Creating budgets and keeping track of inventory can be heavy. It's constant data entering, cross referencing, double checking. It can take up all your time and keep you away from the more enjoyable things in life. 

Not Living Your Big Vision?

Finding that your're not in alignment with your BIG vision and life goals, redefine your business plan while connecting into your intuitive, authentic, expressive self to live your most creative and abundant life ever. 

You get the following from these intensive programs:

Detailed, Do-able Assignments...

that deal with all the parts of a business plan, from start to finish like a full-fledged entrepreneur

Intuitive & Inspiring Materials...

and exercises that tap deeply into your natural creative genius, transforming drudgery into joy

Best-Selling, Award Wining Book...

written by Jennifer Lee, my business mentor and creator of Right Brain Business Plan

Guidance & Insight...

to help you finally complete your plan. Give yourself permission to authentically show up

Earn CE hours...

as a healing therapist or bodyworker you can earn up to 18 continuing education hours

Find Your Balance...

with your FREE gift. We are so excited for you, we just can't help ourselves!

By the end of this program, you will be a...

Right Brain Entrepreneur!

This is a proven right brain entrepreneur process that has helped creatives just like you clarify their goals and make their dreams real. Check-in and get the accountability to help you to keep showing up to your BIG vision. The world needs you! Let your creative work matter. 

  • Clarify your business values and vision
  • Paint a picture of your business landscape
  • Determine what products and services you'll offer
  • Understand your competition, and what makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Identify who your perfect customers are and how you'll reach them
  • Set and manage money goals that honor your values and align with your life
  • Select your circle of support to help you get the work done

Course Outline:

Module 1: Intro and Crafting your Business Vision and Values

Module 2: Painting the Picture of Your Business Landscape

Module 3: Getting the Word Out with Marketing: Find and connect with your perfect customers

Module 4: Managing the Moola - Color by Numbers: Develop a financial plan with fun and flair

Module 5: Corraling Your Creative Cohorts: You don't have to go it alone

Modcule 6: Action Planning: Make your plan real with goals, strategies, and action steps

Module 7: Weaving It All Together: Put the finishing touches on your Right Brain Business Plan 

Module 8: Celebration and Completion: Set the stage for continued success and sparkles

What You Get:

Badge of Honor

  • Eight (or 12) weeks of creative and practical assignments including inspiring, informational, and instructional videos plus juicy reading material.
  • Exercises and templates that cover the financials, marketing plan, competitive analysis, goal setting, action plans, and building a team (all in a right-brain, creative way, of course!) and fun illustrated play sheets.
  • A copy of the book The Right-Brain Business Plan: A Creative Visual Map for Success to follow along with the program. 
  • Access to a private Facebook group to connect with and learn from me your licensed Right-Brain Business Plan course facilitator and fellow participants. You’ll have Monday, Wednesday, Friday accountability prompts in the group to keep you moving forward.
  • Three 60-minutes live group conference calls led by me your course facilitator to receive more personalized coaching, brainstorm live with your creative cohort, get unstuck, and celebrate your progress. 
  • Three Catalyst Chats with me your course facilitator to give you accountability and support to take action and complete the exercises. 
  • Follow-up material two weeks after the course to help you maintain the magic and momentum
  • LIMITED TIME BONUS GIFT: Empower your Senses Aroma Kit. $73 value. Check out your mini roll-on kit here:

Working Together

Pay plans are available for the 8 & 12 Week Intensive Programs. Accept cash, business checks, credit card & PayPal.

mini Session


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8-Week Online Intensive


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Catalyst Check-In


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A unique walking tour of the City with time to enjoy lunch and shopping too! Maximize your sightseeing with this exceptional tour.

12-Week Online Intensive


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A unique walking tour of the City with time to enjoy lunch and shopping too! Maximize your sightseeing with this exceptional tour.

Right Brain Business Plan Book


($3.00 shipping)

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Right Brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success by Jennifer Lee. 

Doing a business plan in the new creative economy requires moving beyond the traditional business plan. The old way of doing things keeps people stuck in limited, black and white thinking. The new way of right-brain business planning ignites innovation by bringing intuition and creativity back in business planning.

Business planning is typically considered hard, intimidating, boring, and overwhelming, but it can be fun, creative, accessible, and do-able. In addition to being a business planning book, the Right-Brain Business Plan helps creative entrepreneurs to move past mental blocks, engage their intuitive genius, and grow a business that authentically expresses who they are.

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Right Brain Business Plan Kit


($4.00 shipping)

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Right Brain Business Plan Kit: A Creative Companion

  • 1 set of blank accordion panels and 2 bookboard covers
  • 2 half-sheets of ready-to-cut colorful stickers and labels to embellish your plan
  • 20 inspiring, two-sided illustrated cards that correspond to exercises in the book will help you capture your brilliant ideas, goals, actions, affirmations, and more
  • 3 blank envelopes to store your cards and notes
  • An 18-page full-color, beautifully designed booklet with step-by-step instructions on how to put together your plan
  • Link to an online video on how to assemble your accordion book-style plan

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Creative Business Coach Best Selling Author Jennifer Lee

Frequently Asked Questions

Need a bit more clarity?

What's the format of the online portion?

At the beginning of each week, you'll receive an e-mail with links to that week's assignments (week's 2 and 3 will have an additional assignment posted on Wednesday). Each week will include a video, juicy reading material, and creative exercises, plus some weeks will also have an MP3 audio file and fun palettes (who needs worksheets when you're doing right-brain business planning?!). You'll also receive a mid-week and end-of-week check-in with additional exercise and suggested challenges. We encourage you to post your homework to our private Facebook group by the end of each week - not only will it help hold you accountable, but you'll also get to be supported and inspired by your fellow creative cohorts.

There  is no "scheduled" time for class for the online intensives except for the 3 group calls (which will be recorded in case you can't make it live) and the 3 catalyst chats. You can do all of the assignments on your own time. Anticipate spending at least 3-5 hours (or more, if you're super gung-ho!) each week on the course.

The private Facebook group will close a few weeks after the course concludes to give you some extra time to catch up on conversations and posts. Even after the course ends, you'll still have unlimited access to stream the videos and download the reading materials.

What if I don't finish all of the assignments on time?

The course is meant to jumpstart your planning process and to help provide a structure to guide you along. If you're not able to complete all of the assignments each week, don't stress out - you can do them all on your own time. Plus there is always the Check-In Catalyst Chat option for short term support and accountability. 

What do I need to participate?

You will need a copy of the book The Right Brain Business Plan: A Creative Visual lMap for Success to follow along with the program which is included in your tuition cost. 

Technical requirements (only for online options): A computer, reliable internet access, Facebook account, and the ability to watch online videos, listen to MP3 files, and view PDFs. In addition, you'll need a phone or computer to call into the group conference calls. We also recommend you to print out the illustrated palettes in color for maximum creative inspiration, so a color printer is ideal. You may want to have a digital camera or scanner to document and post your visual plan, but that's optional.

Supplies (online only): We'll be doing various creative activities, so here are the basic types of supplies we'll use - paper, pens, markers, magazines, scissors, glue, post-it-notes, but you're encouraged to use whatever materials that inspire you! Remember in-person workshops supply basic art supplies.

An open mind and willingness to have fun!

What if I have more than one business?

We know many creative entrepreneurs have a plethora of passions. If you have multiple businesses or business ideas, we suggest focusing on one business as you go through the exercises. It will keep things more simple and manageable for you. Once you go through the process for one, it'll be easier to repeat it again for the next. When you're done you can look at both plans to see the big picture of your creative enterprise.

What if I've been in business for awhile already or if I already have a business plan? 

The Right Brain Business Plan process can be used to flesh out a specific new product or service you're wanting to offer or to explore how you will take your business to the next level. You'll learn tools and techniques for approaching your business from a fresh perspective. If you've been feeling bored by your business or you've lost connection with your authentic expression, this course will give you the creative spark you need.

What can I expect from the course facilitator? 

As your licensed Right Brain Business Plan facilitator I will be supporting you in the course through the coaching calls, Facebook facilitation, Catalyst Chats or in-person workshops. RBBP creator and author Jennifer Lee will be delivering the recorded video teaching segments in the course modules.

I'll be your friendly companion and ally who will guide you through the creative business planning process and I'll offer lots of passionate inspiration along with practical information. I'm there to answer your questions as best as I can, point you to additional resources, challenge you to stretch yourself, and facilitate group sharing and learning.

How can I get the most out of this experience?

Show up: Engage yourself fully in the process. Read the materials, watch the videos, do your assignments and post them on the forum,  participate actively in the online community. The more you put in to this experience, the more you'll get out of it.

Be curious: Ask questions and be willing to try new things, learn, and venture outside your comfort zone.

Offer feedback: If something isn't quite working, please let me now, offer a suggestion, and/or make a specific request and I'll do my best to address your concern. This is a two-way street and we're co-creating our experience together, so I invite you insights.

What is the difference between the Right Brain Business Plan book, kit, Home Study, and this facilitated online RBBP Group?

This online RBBP group is a facilitator-led program, whereas the book and kit are DIY. The regular RBBP Home Study version is self-paced with no leader responding to questions (as part of this program you will get access to the RBBP Home Study but I will be pointing you to the particular exercises each week and will be holding your hand all the way through). During the facilitated e-Course you can ask your burning questions and get online coaching from me, your leader. Plus, you can connect with a community of other creative entrepreneurs who are going through the same process you are. Valuable learning, sharing, and brainstorming happens between participants and you might even find new business buddies. It’s a lot easier to get things done when you have the structure, accountability, and camaraderie of a facilitated group.

What if I can no longer participate in the course and need to cancel?

The course registration fee is non refundable. And all payments are due in full. Before you sign-up, please make sure you’re fully committed to participating in and completing the course. If you need more information to help you make a solid decision, contact us with your questions. 

About Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee, CPCC, PCC, MA, is the founder of Artizen Coaching® and the author of Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way and the bestseller The Right-Brain Business Plan, which has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world launch their creative businesses.