MONQ Personal Diffusers

A great way to enjoy botanical goodness on the go. 

Essential Oil Diffusers

Looking for a diffuser that fits your specific needs & budget? Check out healthy selection of atomizing, nebulizing & ultrasonic misting diffusers we have in stock.  

Personal Diffusers

Individualized Pocket Diffuser Pen

Breathe Therapeutic Air

Each personal diffuser lasts anywhere from 200-250 puffs, but that may differ between users. Produce good effects on the body + mind. Gently breathe in to inhale vapors  passively. Breathe in strongly to get a concentrated experience which lights up the LED crystal.

Aromatherapy On the Go

Simple, portable & the most direct form of aromatherapy. Remove the white rubber top. Sleek stainless steel device has one end with a small opening (mouth piece) & the other with a LED crystal. Store diffuser pen in the sealed container when not in use. 

Pure Plant Goodness

Made from organic, wild-crafted plant extracts & essential oils so that every breathe is effective. Ten aromas to choose from: active, forest, happy, healthy, mountain, ocean, sexy, sleepy, vibrant & zen. Does not contain tobacco, nicotine or artificial chemicals. 

Feel the Way You Want

Community Immunity

UltraSonic, Atomizing & Nebulizer Diffusers

UltraSonic Mister Diffusers

Diffusers that use water to disperse the aromatic molecules into the air with a fine mist. Works well with all essential oils. Add 5-10 drops into water resorvoir. Doubles as a humidifier (great for dry climates and winter months) and triples as a night light. Great for bedrooms and smaller spaces. Diffuses up to 400 sq ft. AromaMist is the most popular model. Upgrade diffuser with Bluetooth Speaker Technology with the AromaHarmony. And the AromaScape diffuser

Atomizing Diffusers

Concentrated essential oils are directly diffused into the air after the cold diffusion process (no heat or water). Very potent and suitable for large, open spaces. Fights odors & germs. Louder than ultrasonic models. Not for use with viscous or carrier oils. Aroma-Infinity is silver, USB/wall-plug/Lithium battery, 800 sq ft. Aroma-Ace comes in multiple color options (blue, lavender, green, black, bronze), wall-plug, multiple setting options, 1500 sq ft. 

To purchase, contact Holistic Rebel directly. 

Nebulizer Diffusers

Cold diffusion breaks down essential oils into tiny particles and pushes them into the air by a pressurized air stream. Purifies air, combats germs, and reduces dust. AromaLuxe is a beautiful model made from glass and wood. Covers up to 875 sq ft. 

Downloadable PDF Manuals

Check out the manufacturer's direction manual for the diffuser that you have been wanting - make sure the features are exactly what you have in mind. Or download (or print) if you already have the diffuser, but lost your manual.  

AromaMist Ultrasonic Diffuser

Click on a file to download.

AromaHarmony UltraSonic Diffuser

Click on a file to download.

AromaLuxe Nebulizing Diffuser

Click on a file to download.

AromaScape UltraSonic Diffuser

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