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Aromatic blend developed for specific therapeutic action. Synergies have a combined amplified effect, meaning several essential oils can have increased health benefits than using a single essential oil. 

Aromatic Synergies

Super Potent

Fully concentrated essential oil blends help to create a specific mood, customize aromatic applications, purify your environment, and protect against germs. 

Community Immunity

Add a few drops to a your favorite carrier vegetable herbal oil or unscented body butter and massage onto body. Also can diffuse into the environment around you to purify the atmosphere.  Great way to protect yourself and others during a large gathering. 

Safety Precautions

Caution and safety need to be taken when using synergies. Some essential oils can irritate the skin. Be careful to avoid eyes and other mucous membranes. Do not take internally. Citrus essential oils may be reactive to sunlight and tanning beds after topical application. 


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