Enlighten | Hydrate | Moisturize | Soften

Emulsion of rich oils & water to create a creamy blend to massage all over the skin. Easily absorbed. 

Creams | Gels | Lotions

Think n' Creamy

Made with herbal butters and water-based ingredients like aloe vera, hydrosols, flower essences and tinctures, designed with mindfulness so that each ingredient contributes to the overall therapeutic value. Creams are a thick, luscious product that leaves the skin soft, hydrated and nourished. Ideal for dry skin. 

Light n' Airy

Blend of vegetable and herbal oils with a water base usually with the addition of various essential oils that are easily absorbed by the skin. Holistic Rebel uses an unscented lotion base made by Just Making Scents and ingredients include: Distilled Water, Glycerine, Emulsifying Wax, Hazelnut Oil, Emu Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Stearic Acid and Optiphen. Great for sensitive skin. 

Just Gellin'

Aloe vera and water based preparation often used for cosmetic and therapeutic reasons. May contain hydrosols and herbal infusions. Very cooling and soothing for skin (overexposure to sun) and muscles (sore, achy, overworked). Keep refrigerated for extra relief. Also great for healthy nails. Tones and detoxifies the skin. 


Preservation is necessary for creams, gels and lotions due to containing water-based ingredients - we use a natural, safe preservation method like adding rosemary herbal extract and/or vitamin E. These are available on demand. These are made in a limited manner to keep the inventory fresh and allows for the client to have more of a customized experience. 


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