Fortify | Instant | Strengthen | Support

Easy to Use application of your favorite botanical perfume. Or choose a roll-on for a specific therapeutic action. Massage & stimulate pressure points for increased benefit. 

Brighten | Instant | Soothing | Support

Massage botanical oil blend all over the body after shower or bath. Add to your favorite salt for an instant exfolation. Facial serums are concentrated so only one drop (maybe two for dry skin) is needed.  

Aromatic Roll-Ons

Therapeutic Botanicals on the Go

Make every moment an aromatic one with these easy to use, no-mess, hassle free method. Every roll-on is made with the highest quality essential oils and jojoba oil which supports the skin, balances pH, anti-inflammatory properties, regenerative effects, promotes a healthy integumentary system, and safe for all skin types. 

Massage & Acupressure Application

Since the essential oils are diluted in a stable carrier base, you can massage directly on the skin. For maximum benefit, apply the roll-on applicator with continuous movements along muscle fibers alternated with constant pressure to one specific area on sore muscles in neck and shoulders, base of skull, temporal areas near the ears and hairline, sinus pressure points, inside area of wrists, or any fleshy area that could use some aromatic attention. 

Safety Precautions

There are many different essential oils and herbs; each one having unique health benefits and contraindications. Some blends or ingredients may not be suitable for infants, children, expecting and breastfeeding mothers, and elderly people. Please consult the proper health professional to be certain of any safety risk prior to use. Avoid contact with eyes and keep in mind touching the oils with your fingers which could later contact the eyes. 

Sinus Massage

Massage and aromatherapy may help to relieve build up pressure and mucus congestion in the sinuses. Roll-on applicators are a great method to easily apply a diluted blend of essential oils with your preferred amount of pressure to areas of the forehead, temporal area between eyes and ears, on sides of nose and under the eyes and cheekbones but above the upper jaw. 


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